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Professional Advice from Italian Wedding Planners for your Wedding in Italy. We organize Elopements to Italy, Castle Weddings in Italy,Villa Weddings in Italy. Choose from our wide selection of Wedding Venues in Italy.Daniela Castellarinhttps://plus.google.com/107243902498907999490noreply@blogger.comBlogger74125
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Relais Borgo Lanciano: Our featured wedding venue this weekend!

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 12:48
Out of the twenty regions of Italy, Le Marche (also known and the Marches in English) is probably one of the most unexplored by foreign visitors.
However, this central-eastern province with its hilly topography and long strip of coast on the Adriatic Sea, featuring narrow wild beaches of breathtaking beauty, is the perfect landscape for a destination wedding.

The most central province of Le Marche is Macerata, and that's where we are heading to, today, to introduce to you one of our top wedding venues: Relais Benessere Borgo Lanciano, a luxury wellness complex situated atop the Sibillini Mountains, and the perfect setting for organizing overrefined events. Guests will revell in the sophistication and elegance of an architectural complex of many buildings offering spacious halls and exquisite decoration, and surrounded by picturesque gardens and parks, where fully licensed wedding ceremonies are celebrated.

At Borgo Lanciano the staff is very professional, friendly and highly trained, which ensures the maximum quality of all services offered: from the preparation and serving of a most refined fusion cuisine, music, photography, decoration and transport, to make sure all requirements for a perfect event, will be met and covered. At Borgo Lanciano they host exclusive wedding receptions for up to 300 guests, and provide high-class 4 stars accommodation, in their 50 luxury rooms.

All guests, including the wedding couple, are welcome to book time at the wellness center, the perfect place for a relaxing massage or beauty treatment, before and after the ceremony!

To get more information on this venue, our top wedding planner Daniela Castellarin kindly invites you to review their profile on our website, and enjoy the many pictures we have available for you! Do not hesitate to use the form or email info@italyitalianweddings.com, for further inquiries or to request a free estimate!

Relais Borgo Lanciano on Italy Italian Weddings


Franco Roscia: Our featured wedding service provider, this week!

Tue, 04/08/2014 - 18:56
At Italy Italian Weddings, and as professional wedding planners in Italy, we can't stress enough the role and importance of music in a successful wedding event. Music can be the successful keynote, setting the right atmosphere or bringing everyone to the dance floor , as much as it can be the element of disaster.

That's why we continuously strive to add professional musicians and music services providers to our roster. There are only advantages from taking the recommendations of your trusted wedding planner:
we know the venue well, and most importantly, we have been in touch with you so that we have been able to understand your needs and preferences, and the atmosphere you wish for your wedding.

Today we are introducing to you one of our top recommendations, who was given twice the "Premio di Rappresentanza del Presidente della Reppublica", a prestigious distinction that awards excellence in different areas like music and culture.

His name is Franco Roscia, and he is a very experienced musician and professor of music, who plays the piano, electric keyboards and accordion. Along with a fine selection of talented vocalists that can sing both English and Italian songs, and through a most energetic performance, Maestro Roscia will make the perfect accompaniment to your wedding party. He can assess you in the choice of programme, and is able to cover a wide range of styles: pop classics from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and until today's modern hits, rock ballades, disco revival, Latin and Caribbean music, and for those who wish an extra touch of Italian to their party, they are the best at Pizzica Salentina and Liscio, two styles of Italian Folk Music involving the accordion, and that are a lot of fun for group dancing! Franco Roscia offers other musical entertainment services, like Karaoke, with a great variety of tunes available.

Franco Roscia is also available for serenades.

Please read more about Franco Roscia Musical Services on Italy Italian Weddings, and enjoy videos of his perfomances here or on their profile on our website!

Silvia Cardei Bridal Make -up Artist: Our featured wedding service provider this week!

Tue, 04/01/2014 - 23:23

When planning a destination wedding in Italy, our top wedding planner Daniela Castellarin always makes sure the bride will shine like a star. That's why, along with the choice of a perfect wedding dress, accessories and flower bouquet, she recommends getting the services of a makeup artist, since it is essencial in how beautiful a bride will look on her wedding day.

Daniela can arrange everything for you, from an accurate facial, manicure, pedicure and even a relaxing massage!

In order to bring out all the beauty of a bride through makeup art, one of Daniela's top choices is Silvia Cardei, a professional makeup artist whose motto is that "a cared for appearance, always reveals the essence inside", and who confesses to be really passionate about beauty, colored powders and brushes, and that her love for makeup is vocational. Silvia is a true expert, and has an exceptional eye for detail and exquisite taste when choosing palettes and textures. She is always well informed of trends and can make the right suggestions based on the bride's personal preferences, and also on important details such as the style of the gown, the personality and even the type of venue where the celebration will take place, or the theme chosen for the reception.

Silvia has worked in television and the film and fashion industries, but loves above all working with brides, because of the nature of a wedding celebration and how very important her work is in making a woman look gorgeous on one of the most important days of her life.

You can see our pictures selection, or visit Silvia's profile on our website.

Silvia Cardei Makeup Artist, on Italy Italian Weddings

Tenuta San Liberato: Our featured Wedding Venue, today!

Mon, 03/24/2014 - 13:08
The Roman countryside is one of the top choices for destination weddings in Italy and there are many reasons why. One obviously, is the proximity of Rome, which makes it possible for your guests to arrive to Italy through the main two international airports, Rome Fiumicino and Rome Ciampino, flying from any city in the world and even taking advantage of low cost fares from many European cities.

Being so close to Rome also allows you and your guests to enjoy of the ancient capital of Italy in your free time between the wedding events, or before or after the celebration.

But there is more! The Roman countryside is absolutely beautiful! A landscape that combines vineyards, olive groves, rolling hills and vestiges of the Roman Empire and Medieval times. Travelling only 20 miles northwest of Rome, there is also a volcanic lake area where we find Lake Bracciano, bordered by the towns of Bracciano, Anguillara Sabazia and Trevignano Romano (where civil weddings may take place) and surrounded by gorgeous parks and gardens. That's where the botanical park of  Tenuta San Liberato is located, designed in the 60's by famous British landscape architect Russel Page. Tenuta San Liberato features a collection of rare plants from all over the world, including the species Choysia ternate, also known as Mexican Orange,  and a unique and beautiful rose garden.

Tenuta San Liberato with its breathtaking views of Lake Bracciano, is also a venue for wedding and event celebrations. It offers a large and elegant marquee, perfect for banquets and seated dinners for up to 200 guests, catered by top caterers of the region. Welcome cocktails and aperitifs are usually served in the wonderful gardens.

The five hectares estate of this venue, owned by the Counts of Sanminiatelli, include a unique Romanesque Church built in the IX century of great historical and architectural value and  one of the few churches in all Lazio region, to have a raised altar: a beautiful church  for Catholic wedding ceremonies.

A very romantic and complete venue, you only need to see the selection of pictures to agree with us that Tenuta San Liberato a perfect venue to celebrate a wedding in Italy!

You may also wish to visit the profile on our website, or contact our top wedding planner Daniela Castellarin, to request more information


Tenuta San Liberato on Italy Italian Weddings

Villa Augusta: Our featured wedding venue in Italy, this weekend!

Mon, 03/17/2014 - 09:50
Our staff at Italy Italian Weddings is always striving to bring to you the most beautiful, exciting and romantic wedding venues for your destination wedding in Italy. And with that in mind, we could not leave Villa Augusta out of this featuring series. And there is a lot to tell about this gorgeous Villa located in the countryside near Rome.

Travelling South of Rome, along the famous and historical Appian Way (la via Appia), we find the towns of Albano Laziale and Ariccia. And right on the border with them we find this magnificent Villa built in the first decade of the 20th century, in the Art Nuveau Style.

In 1953 the Villa hosted a very special guest: it was chosen to be the home of actor Gregory Peck while filming the famous movie "Roman Holiday", costarring with Audrey Hepburn. The Villa was selected out of hundreds of possible choices, because of its particular location and outstanding beauty with panoramic views over Rome-

Now the Villa has been recently restored, to bring it back to its former splendour and glory; it features a unique terraced garden overlooking the "Tomb of the Horatii and Curiazi", an ancient Roman archeological site of immense historical value, and the Baroque church of Santa Maria della Stella, where Catholic ceremonies take place.

The unique style and beauty of the building, along with the 7,000 square meters of parks that surround it, the views of Rome and the Tyrrhenian Sea you can admire from the terraces and balconies, make Villa Augusta the ideal venue to celebrate luxury destination weddings of all sorts: civil wedding ceremonies of legal validity, symbolic weddings and renewal of vows, Protestant and Jewish and other religious weddings, may all take place in the Villa's grounds. The Villa has another great feature and that is the wood fire pizza ovens, where the best catering services that cater events in Villa Augusta, can prepare all kinds of Italian pizzas, to impress your guests!

Take a peek at our pictures selection or visit the Villa's profile on our website, and make sure to contact our prestigious wedding planner Daniela Castellarin, to get more information! We welcome all your questions! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Villa Augusta on Italy Italian Weddings

Alberto Tozzi Music Agency: Our featured wedding service provider this weekend!

Sun, 03/16/2014 - 11:04
If you are into details for your Italian Wedding, you may know well that the choice of music can be directly responsible for  wedding's  success .

It is important to get the music services for your wedding  from professionals with vast experience who are able to assist you for choosing the right music for your wedding ceremony, wedding reception and after dinner dancing.
Italy Italian Weddings handles music services for your wedding very seriously, and that is why we work only with the most experienced and reliable music providers. Amongst our favorites is the music agency  of Alberto Tozzi.
Alberto a wide list of music services to offer and can assist you to choose the music services you prefer and help you with the organization and customization of your celebration, considering the tehcnical requirements and the logistics of your chosen wedding venue
That's why we offer you his "Music Catalogue" directly on our website, for you to listen online and enjoy. You can access it by following this link.
We are including three of his videos for you to enjoy now, and you may also want to visit his profile on our website, where you'll also find a broader selection.
Alberto Tozzi music provider and musical suggestions, on Italy Italian Weddings

Alberto Tozzi also offers a wide range of entertainment services for you and your guests, like caricaturist, micro-magic, belly-dancing, etc... Please get in touch with our professional Italian Wedding Planner, Daniela Castellarin, to request more information!

Castle Vincigliata in Tuscany: Our special wedding venue in Italy featured today!

Mon, 03/10/2014 - 16:25
Italy is the land of "amore", and from North to South, it is synonym of romance. But at Italy Italian Weddings we believe there isn't a more romantic setting in Italy, than a medieval castle located right at the ever rolling emerald hills of Tuscany, overlooking Florence.

Surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and undulated landscapes, upon the hills of Fiesole and only 10 minutes away from the center of Florence, we find Castello Vincigliata, and exceptionally romantic historical wedding venue, perfect to celebrate luxury fairy tale wedding receptions. 
The castle features chambers and halls, finely decorated with frescoes from the Florentine Renaissance period, more specifically from the 16th century and even an Armoury displaying antique arms. All rooms and halls may be used by the couple as they prefer.
Castle Vincigliata is also the ideal location for outdoor celebrations: the courtyard can host up to 120 guests at a unique sit-down dinner. The veranda -with its breathtaking views of Florence and the Florentine countryside- can accommodate up to 160 guests and there is also a Winter Garden with a capacity of 140 guests. The beautiful gardens which provide a perfect background welcome cocktails, and the paved terrace, perfect for wedding ceremonies  and after dinner dancing.
Please take a look at our selected pictures of the castle, and do not forget to visit their profile on our website, or contact Daniela Castellarin, our top wedding planner, for more information.
Castle Vincigliata on Italy Italian Weddings

Fiorelli Organizzazioni: Our featured wedding service provider this week!

Fri, 03/07/2014 - 11:13
Francesco Fiorelli, gourmet and sommelier at Fiorelli Organizzazioni, a catering and banqueting service provider based in Lake Bracciano area near Rome, is very proud when he tells us that they design and produce the catering for every event with the Italian  traditional in mind, yet always leaving space for innovation .

The rich gastronomic influence of the Roman countryside acts as a neverending source of inspiration, and Fiorelli Organizzazioni  makes sure to always use the freshest ingredients from small farmers, fishermen  and cheese producers  in the area, who will only supply quality vegetables, fruits, cereals, cheeses, fish and meats

For their table setting presentations, they often make use of beautiful floral arrangements and decór, and work with top professionals like Andrea Patrizi, a floral designer we had the pleasure of featuring last week, to ensure everything is presented in a spectacular way.

Please take a look at the picture selection below and do not forget to visit their profile on our website! You may also request more information from our top wedding planner in Italy, Daniela Castellarin.

Fiorelli Organizzazioni on Italy Italian Weddings

Andrea Patrizi: Our featured wedding service provider this weekend!

Sun, 03/02/2014 - 22:22
Flowers have their own language, all emotions have a way to be described through them. They offer a whole range of features to capture all senses: color, texture, shape, scent. And that's why floral design is one of the most important components of a perfect wedding.

Floral arrangements and décor have to be carefully designed to harmonize with the ceremony, to represent the personality of the bride and groom and express the essence of their union.

That's why our top wedding planner, Daniela Castellarin, only relies on professionals for this very delicate task, and without doubts, one of her favorite flower and décor designers is Andrea Patrizi.

He and his staff are real artists, using flowers, greenery and other accessories (like candles in different shapes and colours, vases in glass, terracotta, cast iron and wrought iron, candle holders and  candelabras) to create the perfect atmosphere for every ceremony and reception, thoughtfully selecting the types of flowers with both the latest European trends and the couple's personal choices in mind, being attentive of those scents and colors that suit the wedding venue and type of ceremony the most, and delicately decorating churches, wedding ceremony areas of a private wedding venue,  wedding reception venues as castles, villas, hotels and manors.

Please take a look at the selection of pictures of his work we are publishing, and do not forget to visit his profile on our website to see more photos of his work, and get more information.

Andrea Patrizi Floral and Decór Designer on Italy Italian Weddings

Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel: Our featured wedding venue this weekend!

Sat, 03/01/2014 - 22:05
Italy is a magic place, that's not a secret. That's why it's amongst the top choices for wedding destinations. It easily combines the beauty of historical monuments and medieval castles, the grandeur of luxury villas, the relaxing atmosphere of seaside resorts; history, beaches, mountain, countryside, great food and wine, amazing weather all year round as you travel South... Italy seems to offer it all!

Only two hours South of Rome and one and a half from Naples, there is a location that stands out for its beauty: Gaeta. A peninsula that meets the Mediterranean Sea, coronated by the Mount Orlando and its wonderful natural parks. Gaeta also features an historical hamlet, imposing churches and cathedrals and a castle. And that's exactly where we find our featured venue this weekend: Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel.

The Hotel complex includes a magnificent neoclassical Villa and a former convent, offering a total of 49 rooms. The Reception Hall is built amongst the walls of an opulent ancient Roman Villa that once belonged to the father of emperor Augustus, Marco Filippo. There are five historic buildings in total, surrounded by wonderful Mediterranean gardens and a park of 60,000 sq. mts., as well as two large sized swimming pools.

Out of its privileged features, Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel is the perfect venue for both indoor and outdoor weddings, and the latter can take place in the gardens or even become an extraordinary ceremony on the rooftop terrace, with striking seaviews.

Because of the exclusivity of the venue, only one Wedding Reception takes place in a single day. The receptions can be offered for up to 220 guests and dancing music is allowed until 3 am, so you can enjoy of your wedding party until the early hours.

Please take a look at this pictures selection, and visit their profile on our website. Do not hesitate to request more information. Our top wedding planner in Italy, Daniela Castellarin, can plan and coordinate the most exclusive and unforgettable wedding for you, at Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel. She will take care of every single and necessary detail, to make sure you celebrate the wedding of a lifetime!

Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel on Italy Italian Weddings

Castello Borghese: Our featured wedding venue this weekend!

Mon, 02/24/2014 - 10:01
If you are dreaming of a wedding in Italy, you are most likely dreaming of a castle wedding. Would you like for your ceremony to take place at a medieval setting, with breathtaking seaviews and surrounded by beautiful gardens? Then you are dreaming of Castello Borghese near Rome! The  Castle's park and gardens  feature palm trees, lemon trees and umbrella pines, and the gardens are a wonderful display of many roses. The intense blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea is the perfect frame for all this natural beauty  and makes an unmatchable background for a fully licensed outdoor civil ceremony in Italy.

Castello Borghese is located in the town of Nettuno near the town of Anzio: both towns  offer a variety of accommodation choices, ranging from B&B to 4 star hotels..

The castle includes a large hall on the ground floor, featuring elegant furniture and appliances . On the first floor there is a second large hall that is often used for the Bride and Bridesmaids  for  "Getting Ready", with a wonderful terrace . On the last floor of the Castle is a wide terrace used  for Wedding pictures and the seaviews from here are just jaw-dropping!

The Castle can host fully licensed outdoor weddings and receptions for up to 250 guests and dancing music is allowed until 3am.

Please do not hesitate to request more information and let us plan for you an unforgettable wedding at Castle Borghese that neither you or your guests will ever forget !

Please take a look at the picures selection, visit the Castello Borghese profile on Italy Italian Weddings , and watch our  featured wedding video!

The Castle includes : Ground floor:  Large hall supplied with furniture and appliances First floor: Large hall for "Getting Ready"  with terrace and breathtaking sea views Upper terrace with wonderful sea views The towns of Nettuno and nearby town of Anzio offer many accommodation choices from B&B to top 5 star hotels. - See more at: http://italyitalianweddings.com/weddings-in-italy-network/castle-borghese#sthash.wZnV2fce.dpufThe park of the Castle full of palms, lemon trees, umbrella pines and many other exotic trees and plants,together with the  Castle's gardens with many varieties of flowers, - See more at: http://italyitalianweddings.com/weddings-in-italy-network/castle-borghese#sthash.wZnV2fce.dpufThe park of the Castle full of palms, lemon trees, umbrella pines and many other exotic trees and plants,together with the  Castle's gardens with many varieties of flowers, - See more at: http://italyitalianweddings.com/weddings-in-italy-network/castle-borghese#sthash.wZnV2fce.dpuf
The park of the Castle full of palms, lemon trees, umbrella pines and many other exotic trees and plants,together with the  Castle's gardens with many varieties of flowers, - See more at: http://italyitalianweddings.com/weddings-in-italy-network/castle-borghese#sthash.wZnV2fce.dpuf
The park of the Castle full of palms, lemon trees, umbrella pines and many other exotic trees and plants,together with the  Castle's gardens with many varieties of flowers, - See more at: http://italyitalianweddings.com/weddings-in-italy-network/castle-borghese#sthash.wZnV2fce.dpuf

The Italian Wedding Band: Our featured wedding service provider this week!

Tue, 02/18/2014 - 15:58
If you are planning a destination wedding in Italy, you probably dream for it to be a fairytale weddin, or a wedding from those classic romantic movies. And what is a romantic story without a soundtrack? 'The Italian Wedding Band' are professional musicians, devoted to playing the perfect music background at your wedding celebration in Italy.

Based in Rome but available for eventsaccross all Italy, this live band perfectly combines the classic Italian American swing tracks once performed by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Luis Prima amongst other great names, with the fun party hits of all times.

But there is more to it! 'The Italian Wedding Band' lead singer lived for many years in Ireland and in the U.K., so he knows well how Irish and British like to party and what are their favourite tunes they like to listen and dance at their celebrations.

Visit their profile at our website, to learn more about them and see videos of their performances!

'The Italian Wedding Band' on Italy Italian Weddings

Borgo Le Grazie wedding venue near Rome: Our featured wedding reception and ceremony venue in Italy this week!

Sat, 02/15/2014 - 10:37
Borgo Le Grazie is fairytale  wedding reception venue near Rome for an authentic  “Italian Style Wedding”: a unique experience blending history, design and the magic of a typical Italian countryside hamlet.
Step into a fairytale !
A unique wedding reception venue where you can also have your Wedding Ceremony outdoors or indoors  (civil ,symbolic weddings or religious wedding ceremony) and Catholic Weddings in the church on the venue’s grounds A dedicated English speaking wedding planner of Borgo le Grazie will plan to perfection your whole event including paperwork assistance and coordination on your Wedding Day.
Contact Borgo Le Grazie today to fix a free onsite inspectionwith their Wedding Planner.
For more details on this venue :  http://goo.gl/7HWCmO

Siobhan Hegarty: Our featured wedding service provider this week!

Thu, 02/13/2014 - 12:59
Siobhan describes herself as a contemporary photographer, but we could add a few more adjectives. She's passionate about her work and very much into detail. Although you won't even notice her presence at your wedding, you will later see that she was everywhere and right there to capture the most important events.
Her fascination for Italy and love for destination weddings is noticeable in how she tells the story of a wedding through her work. She so much loves our land that she left her home country Ireland, to come to live here in the heart of Italy in wonderful  Umbria region.
Get to know her! We offer you a few examples of her work, but you can also visit her profile and featured wedding album on our website:

Siobhan Hegarty on Italy Italian Weddings

 You may also wish to take a look at Siobhan's portfolio website.

The following wedding pictures belong to the wedding album of Melanie and Russell, who got married on February 2013 at the Church of Sant'Anna in Vatican City and celebrated their Wedding Reception at the venue Villa Grazioli . Wedding Planner, Daniela Castellarin, of Italy Italian Weddings has planned and coordinated the wedding.



wedding rome italy


The Eight Hotel Paraggi: Our featured Wedding Venue this weekend!

Sat, 02/08/2014 - 21:19
A small paradise surrounded by the deep and scented green and blue of the Mediterranean coasts, the Eight Hotel Paraggi offers all the luxury and comfort a couple and their guests deserve. This modern Beach Resort is actually a Villa of the 1800's, located in the exclusive bay of the Riviera di Levante, and only a few miles away from the busy town of Portofino. It is the perfect location for a couple who wishes to have both the fascinating beauty of Italy and the exotic atmosphere of the Riviera, combined for their wedding celebration. The Eight Hotel Paraggi can host a reception for up to 150 guests, and offers accommodation in its 13 exclusive rooms featuring seaside terraces with breathtaking views and outdoor jaccuzzis. Dancing music is allowed until 2 am.

Please visit their profile on our website!

 The Eight Hotel Paraggi

MB Fotografia in Rome: Our featured wedding service provider this week!

Wed, 02/05/2014 - 11:46
We have the pleasure to introduce to you one of our favorite wedding photographers, Marco, and his project MB Fotografia.

Marco studied photography at the Cinematography School in Rome, and that education in the art of photography is well appreciated through his work. He can both produce images of the purest wedding photojournalism type, as much as he can capture details in an artistic and refined way.

When asked about his vision, Marco tells us that his aim is capturing the emotions and gestures of all participants at a wedding, bride, groom and their guests, in a most discreet way in order not to disrupt the spontaneity of each moment. And that is exactly what we at Italy Italian Weddings believe a Wedding Photographer should be: a silent witness, with an eye for detail and that very special sensitiveness and awareness of moods and atmospheres of an artist.

We include some examples of his work and invite you to visit his profile at our website:

MB Fotografia on Italy Italian Weddings

Effe Cinque by Giovaninno Cinque: Our Featured Wedding Provider this week!

Tue, 01/28/2014 - 23:25
This experienced wedding photographer's passion, is to capture the most natural and purest emotions of a wedding ceremony, and all the participants to it, most especially the bride and groom.

He is available for wedding ceremonies in Lazio, Tuscany, Umbria, Le Marche, Veneto and Campania.

Here is a small example of his work, but to enjoy a whole wedding album by Giovaninno, please visit this link.

You may also want to visit his full profile at our website, here!

Thank you and until our next feature!

Romantic Wedding at Castle Odescalchi on Lake Bracciano

Tue, 12/24/2013 - 10:41
Many brides dream of a Fairytale Castle Wedding that will make them feel like the princess of a beautiful tale. So what about making this dream come true in Italy, the most romantic country in the world, and at a magnificent Medieval Castle with panoramic sea views located right where sunshine, food, wine and history come together.

Let us introduce to you one of our most beautiful venues, Castle Odescalchi on Lake Bracciano, near Rome. Castle Odescalchi is an amazing medieval building dating from the second half of the year 400,  a compound of fortress walls, alleys, bastions, gardens and parks facing the breathtaking beauty of Lake Bracciano.

This is the magnificent lawn in front of the Castle, with lake views. It is the ideal setting for outdoor wedding ceremonies, and for wedding pictures.

The Castle walls, alleys, stairs and original decoration, provide with the perfect romantic atmosphere for a fairytale wedding, one that will impress your guests and be the perfect background for your wedding pictures. 

The Castle is the perfect venue for both Catholic Wedding Ceremonies, that can take place at the beautiful Church of Santo Stefano (just next to the Castle), or for Symbolic and other religious Weddings, on the Castle's grounds.

Make your dreams come true, and celebrate your Welcome Cocktail at the Castle's Secret Garden! Treat yourself and your guests with the spectacular views of the lake and the incomparable Italian blue skies.

Enjoy your wedding from the very moment your start planning it. Let us take care of all details: music and entertainment, the cake, the flowers and décors, the transportation for your guests, the paperwork...
You may want to see a list of Wedding Services, clicking here.

And like in all fairy tales...they lived happily ever after!
Contact our Castle Weddings specialized Wedding planners, for a free consultation.Email info@italyitalianweddings.com
Visit our website!

Welcome to Italy Italian Wedding Websites! | Italian Themed Wedding Websites, Save the Date E-Cards, Custom Design and Wedding Stationery by Italy italian Weddings

Sat, 08/31/2013 - 16:50
We would like to introduce you our new service! Our Italian themed Wedding Websites, e-cards and stationery, are especially designed for couples getting married in Italy, to help you in the task of organizing and planning your wedding, and sharing all important details with your guests!
Take a look at our website:http://portal.italyitalianweddingwebsites.com/

Contact us for more information at info@italyitalianweddings.com  or use our contact form: http://portal.italyitalianweddingwebsites.com/contact





Getting married in Italy: two UK nationals

Sat, 08/31/2013 - 11:26

Paperwork requirements for two UK nationals getting married in Italy.

Please contact us for sworn translations in Italian of your Certificates of No Impediment at info@italyitalianweddings.com