Soon getting married at the Colosseum, a wedding in the parks of Villa Borghese or saying "I do" at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome, another choice for a unique wedding abroad!

If you dream of a unique wedding abroad, you probably have considered Italy, the land of 'Amore', as your weddingdestination. And if you're dreaming of getting married in Italy, we are sure you have been wondering if some emblematic places like the Colosseum itself, could be your wedding venue. Well, very soon, it could be!

getting_married_in rome

Saying 'I do' inside the Colosseum, or at the magnificent parks of Villa Borghese, or right in the middle of the field of  Stadio Olimpico in Rome will soon be a reality, for all those that have been dreaming of it! But not only: thanks to a new resolution presented by Fabrizio Panecaldo, with the subject "Getting married in Rome", that has been recently approved by the Commission of Social Affairs and to be evaluated by the Roman Council Assembly, many public and private locations will be able to host fully licensed civil weddings, by paying an annual fee.

Now some of the most beautiful and iconic locations of Rome, including famous monuments like the arena of the Colosseum, and the beautiful parks of Villa Borghese, will suddenly turn into a most unique wedding venue. But also a myriad of other not so famous, yet equally beautiful buildings and outdoors, will turn into potential civil wedding venues.

The staff at Italy Italian Weddings couldn't think of a more thrilling and fantastic news than this one, to inaugurate our onsite blog!