Italian Wedding Styles and Traditions

If you would like your Italian wedding to truly be and feel like an Italian traditional wedding, please read the information below! We have put together a list of the most relevant Italian traditions, present at most local weddings.


Italian Wedding Toasts
Traditionally, throughout the reception, various male wedding guests will proclaim “Hurray for the newlyweds,” generally inciting applause and additional impromtu toasts and cheers from the other guests.

"Kiss the Bride"
It is a wedding tradition in Italy that, when a male guest announces “Kiss! Kiss!” that the bride and groom stand and kiss each other before their guests.

Italian Wedding Table Greetings
After the main course, it is tradition at weddings in Italy that the bride and groom stop by each table and greet their guests personally. Once this is done, the couple slips out of the wedding reception to head for their honeymoon.

Decorating the Newlyweds' Car
Instead of old shoes and tin cans, the Italians adorn the car with flowers and lovely ribbons.

Italian Wedding Favors
In traditional Italian weddings, guests are expected to repay former favors done for them by the families of the newlyweds. The mothers-in-law are seated near a table that is set expressly for the purpose of receiving and recording these favors. Witnesses record who gave and the value of each gift. As another way to raise funds for the couple's honeymoon, the groom's tie is cut into pieces and sold to the wedding guests as a momento of the day.

The Tarantella - Traditional Dance at Weddings in Italy
Traditional Italian wedding receptions could last into the next day – and even beyond! It is traditional that a group dance, the Tarantella, be performed at the reception. A feature of this dance is that the men who perform it hold their jackets open to the sides. It is rumored that the reason for holding their jackets open was to reveal any weapons they may be carrying – it was considered rude to dance with concealed weapons!

Passing the Purse - Italian Style
Traditionally, the bride in an Italian wedding travels from guest to guest while carrying a satin purse. The purpose of the purse is to store monetary gifts.

Italian Wedding Favors – For the Guests
White, sugar coated almonds, known as confetti, are traditionally distributed in tulle bags to the guests. This are a symbol of the couple's bittersweet union. The number of almonds in each bag is very important. Even numbers are considered bad luck, so bags of three or five almonds are a representation of the couple and their future children. Five almonds symbolize love, fidelity, longevity, fertility and happiness. Now the tulle bags with the confetti are tied up to a small gift in ceramic, porcelain, murano glass, silver and presented to their guests in elegant decorated boxes.