Wedding Planner Help: Wedding Roles

Until you've been involved in a wedding, you probably won't be aware of just how many details there are to consider. However, the bridal couple isn't expected to do all the preparations and work themselves; but who is meant to do what to help? Each wedding is different and each Bridal party will do things in their own way, but the following list is the traditional way of sharing out wedding tasks.


The Bridal Couple

  •     Jointly decide on style and location of wedding
  •     Jointly select wedding rings
  •     Jointly set the guest list with both sets of parents
  •     Purchase gifts for attendants
  •     Set rehearsal dates and inform bridal party
  •     Receives wedding guests in a receiving line

The Bride

  •     Chooses her attendants
  •     Chooses bridal party outfits
  •     Chooses flowers & decorations for the day
  •     Throws the wedding bouquet
  •     Writes thank-you notes after the wedding
  •     Selects gift for Groom

The Groom

  •     Applies for licence
  •     Chooses his attendants
  •     Jointly chooses outfits for males in bridal party
  •     Arranges for engraving of rings
  •     Gives money to best man to cover expenses to be paid on the day
  •     Selects gift for the Bride – usually something personal
  •     Organises the honeymoon
  •     Makes a speech at reception
  •     Contact parents next day to thank them – preferably in writing
  •     First to dance with Bride at reception!

Maid Of Honour (or Matron if she's married)

  •     Organises other Bridesmaids
  •     Holds Brides' bouquet during ceremony
  •     Arranges Bride's train and veil
  •     Co hosts pre wedding parties
  •     Coordinates dress fittings and such for Bridesmaids
  •     Helps Bride dress and prepare on day
  •     Assists Bride change after reception
  •     May hold Groom's ring during ceremony
  •     Organizes packing and removal of gifts from reception
  •     Takes care of wedding dress and accessories after Bride leaves reception
  •     May help address invitations


  •     Assist in caring for the flower girl and ring bearer
  •     Attend pre-wedding parties and rehearsal dinner
  •     Co-host and pay for pre wedding parties
  •     Help address invitations and envelopes
  •     Helps Bride and Maid of Honour as required

Best Man

  •     Organises and co-hosts pre wedding party for Groom
  •     Arranges transport to ceremony for males in bridal party
  •     Ensures Groom is presented well at ceremony
  •     Pays necessary fees due on the day
  •     Looks after wedding rings (or takes from ring bearer at appropriate time)
  •     Arranges transport between ceremony and reception
  •     Ensures all is ready for honeymoon (eg bags in car, car has petrol, taxi is booked)
  •     Partners Maid of Honour down aisle and during bridal waltz
  •     Makes speech and reads telegrams and other messages at reception
  •     Ensures return of hired suits after wedding
  •     Coordinates ushers and Groomsmen in their duties
  •     May act as MC at reception
  •     May like to send champagne, flowers, etc to honeymoon suite
  •     Fourth to dance with Bride at reception


  •     Assists the Groom with any errands
  •     Attends pre-wedding parties and rehearsal dinner
  •     Co-hosts bachelor party/dinner
  •     Decorates car the couple will leave in (If being done)
  •     Assist Best Man to control the night, so the Groom and Bride can enjoy themselves!

Parents of the Bride

  •     Jointly decide on guest list
  •     Send out invitations
  •     Coordinate gift list with guests
  •     Last to leave reception
  •     Give plenty of moral support, and help with wedding details
  •     Mother of the Bride is the last to be seated before the ceremony and the first in the receiving line
  •     Mother to choose attire, then informs the Groom's mother of her choice

Father of the Bride

  •     Toasts couple at rehearsal dinner
  •     Organises transport to church
  •     Gives away daughter
  •     Gives speech at reception
  •     Father escorts Bride down the aisle and stands next to the Mother of the Bride in the receiving line
  •     Father has third dance with Bride at reception

Parents of the Groom

  •     After the engagement contact the Bride's parents
  •     The Groom's parents to be seated just prior to the Mother of the Bride at the ceremony.
  •     The Father-in-Law is 2nd to dance with the Bride
  •     Host the rehearsal dinner
  •     Jointly decide on guest list


  •     Hand out order of service at ceremony
  •     Show guests to seats at ceremony from 30 minutes before ceremony
  •     Stop seating guests 5 min. before processional begins
  •     May escort the Bridal couples' families out of the church, and also signal the guests to leave, one aisle at a time
  •     Traditionally, friends of the Bride seated on the left and friends of the Groom on the right.
  •     Seat the Groom's parents and the Bride's mother

Flower Girl

  •     Traditionally between 3 to 7 years of age.
  •     Attends rehearsal; rehearsal dinner is optional
  •     Included in bridal party photos
  •     Carries a basket of petals, a small bouquet or other token – walks down the aisle directly ahead of the Bride. Spreading petals represents a beautiful path ahead for the Bride
  •     Walks with ring bearer or pageboy
  •     Follows Bride and Groom out of Church
  •     Her parents pay for her attire