Your Italian Wedding Website

What a better way to keep in touch with your guests than through a fully customized, Italian themed Wedding Website? To keep up with new trends and the new ways of communicating, Italy Italian Weddings were the first destination weddings in Italy planners, to offer a fully customized website service. Whether you are planning your wedding with us, or are getting married in Italy and would like to reach your guests all over the world, and have all information about your wedding available for them 24/7, this is the service you are looking for!

A fully auto-administrable website featuring bride and groom's profiles, their story, accommodation tips and information, maps to the events and venues, photo gallery and video streaming and RSVP management! Access to the websites is fully password protected, to keep search engines and anonymous internet users away, and protect your privacy. We offer full technical support via emails and tickets, and websites come in different packages: you can either choose to upload and manage all the content yourself, or we can do it for you! You can choose from one of our Italian themed templates, or we can have a fully customized design, created especially for you!

For more information follow this link: Your Italian Wedding Website