One of Italy's smallest regions, Liguria stretches west in a narrow ribbon along the coast from France. Mountains separate it from Piedmont to the north, Emilia  Romagna to the east and Tuscany to the south. Even if you've never been there,  you've probably seen its northeastern border in all those movies where glamorous jet setters hop into their sports cars and motor from Monte Carlo to Rome: the quaint customs booths any foreign film lover knows well are outside the lovely town of Ventimiglia.


Like so much of Italy, Liguria is a land of contrasts, home to Belle Epoque seaside resort towns in the style of Cannes and Monaco; dozens and dozens of sandy strands, rocky coves and pebbly beaches; some of its most secluded stretches of coast, where lush forests of lemon trees, herbs, flowers, terraced hillsides that produce an olive oil. Ezra  Pound, Lord Byron, Shelley and his wife Mary Wollstonecraft, Ernest Hemingway all loved this part of Europe. You'll enjoy in Liguria DOC white wines, (mainly from the Riviera di Ponente) , including Cinque Terre, Bianchetta Genovese and Vermentino and  ensure you check out the Cinque Terre's rich “Sciacchetra” dessert wine.

Notwithstanding the regional capital city of  Genoa's attractions, most people come to  Liguria for its seashore, which is a virtually uninterrupted string of resorts  that have been a mecca for Italian tourists for a hundred years. 

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The local  habitants of Liguria have two names for their boomerang-shaped coastline: the  half that stretches from France to Genoa is called La Riviera di Ponente, while  the half that lies on the Italian peninsula proper is La Riviera di Levante.  The latter is where you will find Liguria's rising star attraction, the  fascinating Cinqueterre.

One of the most popular locations for Weddings is Santa Margherita Ligure  where civil wedding ceremonies are performed in  the wonderful Villa Durazzo and you will also have the possibility to host your  wedding reception here with breathtaking sea views.

Wherever  you choose to celebrate your wedding in Liguria, you can be assured that it is  an excellent choice!