Abruzzi (Abruzzo) and Molise

The Abruzzi (or Abruzzo) and Molise regions are located in central eastern Italy and bordered to the east by the beautiful Adriatic Sea, Abruzzo and Molise are two thirds dramatic mountains and one third national park.


It is blessed with stunning sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs, snow capped mountains, medieval towns and villages, broad plains, amazing castles and an abundance of rare flora and fauna. One region until 1963, Abruzzo and Molise - previously just plain Abruzzi - together make Italy's transition from north to south. Both are sparsely populated mountainous regions. You could spend a whole and very varied holiday in Abruzzi . Bordered by the Apennines, it holds some of Italy's wildest terrain: silent valleys, vast untamed mountain plains and abandoned hill-villages, as well as some great historic towns, many of them rarely visited by outsiders. Abruzzi and Molise are the long-lost Italy you’ve been searching for: awe-inspiring mountains, wooded solitudes, verdant gentle hills