Why not celebrate your Wedding in Basilicata in South Italy ?
Basilicata forms the instep of the Italian boot and has two small seacoasts, one on the Ionian Sea in the east and one on the Tyrrhenian Sea in the west. Basilicata is among the few regions of Italy as yet undiscovered by tourists: you won't have to fight the crowds to see what you want to see.


Basilicata is appreciated for its good accommodation arrangements and for the many attractions it offers: health is the key in the natural spas of Rapolla, Terme  La Calda and Terme di Ala and Latronico. Nature can be found in the National  Park of Pollino, in Gallipoli Cognato Forest, in the Lucanian Dolomites and in  the Historical and Archaeological Natural Park of the Murgia and of the Rock  Churches of Matera. For those who delight in history, there are the museums of  Potenza, Matera, Melfi, Venosa, Metaponto, Policoro, Castel Lagopesole and  Irsina. Culture and tradition abound with the folk festivals and with the very  important exhibitions in Matera and Maratea.


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Food and gastronomy, offered by hordes of family restaurants, are the jewels of the  regions hospitality and its cuisine. The beauty of its seaside is not to be  forgotten in the clear waters of Maratea and in Metaponto, Pisticci, Scanzano Jonico, Policoro, Rotondella and Nova Siri.

Travelling in Basilicata still offers all the excitement of an adventure, a voyage of discovery into a past packed with history, the feeling of being one with untouched and breathtaking nature. Basilicata has inspired many movie makers and artists over the years -  let Basilicata inspire you too, as you celebrate a romantic Italian Wedding in this extraordinary region!