Campania is a region of southern Italy bordered by Lazio to the northwest, Abruzzi and Molise to the north, Puglia to the northeast and Basilicata to the east. The Tyrrhenian Sea lies to the southwest and west and the small Flegrean Islands and Capri are also part of the Campania region.


The name derives from Latin, as the Romans knew the region as Campania felix ("fortunate countryside").  The seaside  villages on the Amalfi Coast in Campania are one of the biggest lures to visitors of the Campania region.  The Amalfi Coast presents a series of mountainside towns that seem to tumble into the sea. Also, not far from Naples are some of the most beautiful islands in the world: Ischia, Capri and Procida.

German writer Goethe visited Campania and Naples in 1786 and was amazed by the beauty of it. Archaeological excavations in Pompeii were initiated by King Charles III of Naples in 1748and the pop artist Andy Warhol created two famous paintings of Irpinia Earthquake of 1980: "Fate Presto" and "Vesuvius".

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Italian world famous music composer Rossini lived many years in Naples, where he wrote numerous compositions. Well known and deservers its place in the history of music it is the music genre called neapolitan song: famous worldwide are "O sole mio ",(a.k.a. "It's Now or Never"), "Funniculì Funniculà", "Torna a Surriento", "Santa Lucia", "Reginella".  

Modern pizza was born in Naples and other tasty dishes prepared along the Amalfi Coast and on the islands, such as “pepata di cozze” made with mussels and desserts such as the famous “babà” and “pastiera”. Of course, we cannot forget the famous locally made liquor Limoncello of Sorrento.

Campania is a wonderful place to get married and particulary on its world-famous coastline Amalfi Coast !