Lazio (Latium)

Latium/Lazio once dominated by the Etruscans, then home to the original Latin people, is now part of the modern and much larger Italian “Regione of Lazio”, also called Latium.
The whole Lazio Region provides extraordinary choices for unforgettable Weddings in Italy!



Latium has great importance for history, art, architecture, archaeology, religion, and culture . The immense patrimony of the city of Rome forms only a part of the treasures spread all over the hundreds of towns, villages, abbeys, churches, monuments, and other sites of the region.

Latium hides many gems as the seaside towns of Santa Marinella, Civitavecchia, Tarquinia or the country towns full of Ancient Roman archeological sites as Tivoli or of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque art as Bracciano, Viterbo, Oriolo Romano, Frascati, Ariccia, Civita Bagnoregio, Aquapendente, Genazzano, Sutri, Gradoli, Veroli, Tuscania and much more!


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Vineyards, country houses, Castles, Ancient Palazzos and Mansions, elegant Renaissance Villas, from stylish 3 star hotels to luxury 5 star hotels are just everywhere in Lazio and food is just exquisite!
If you are looking for an Italian Lake wedding the three main volcanic lakes in Latium of Lake Bracciano, Lake Albano (also called Lake Castelgandolfo), Lake Nemi and Lake Bolsena will surprise for their beauty and romantic atmosphere.

A wedding in Lazio region will shine in the memories of all those who have been lucky enough to experience one. If you decide to get married in Latium there will be delicious food, prestigious wines, heartwarming hospitality, romance and excitement awaiting for you!