Wedding in Anguillara Sabazia

Plan a romantic Italian Wedding in Anguillara Sabazia, a charming lake-side town overlooking beautiful Lake Bracciano. Anguillara is just north of Rome and easily reached via a short train ride from the heart of Rome of approximately 30 minutes.

Anguillara enjoys a beautiful panoramic position; it is a delightful grouping of old houses built high on a promontory with amazing views of the blue waters of Lake Bracciano. From here you can explore the Lazio region, rich in Etruscan history, medieval hill towns and glorious countryside.

Anguillara offers an impressive selection of fine restaurants and wedding reception venues as well as unique hotels; many of which have parks and gardens to host your marriage celebration.

Couples choosing to marry in Anguillara Sabazia will find the best of both worlds: medieval charm and privacy and all the shopping and sightseeing of Rome just a few minutes away.