Wedding in Castelli Romani District

The Castelli Romani District at the southeast of the Eternal City has long been the playground of Rome's rich and famous jet set. As far back as the emperors, then medieval barons, then Renaissance princes and modern captains of industry have all appreciated the many deep blue lakes, dense forests, mild winters and cool summers of this region whose slightly higher altitude has always allowed idle vacationers to keep an eye on their palaces in the city, laid out in the valley below as far as the eye can see. You can get there in as little as 20 minutes by train or car. Just off the Autostrada del Sole, it is a perfect stopping-off place for travellers heading south from Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport or Rome Ciampino Airport or for folks who want to visit Rome during the day and retreat to a quiet paradise each afternoon.


Everyone knows that Frascati, Grottaferrata, Marino, Rocca di Papa, Genzano, Ariccia, Castelgandolfo, Lake Nemi and Monte Porzio Catone are all great places from which to see the sites of Rome. But there are loads of fascinating things to see right in this area too. Start with the famousTusculum Villas, all built and restored by Italian architects and artists whose works you will admire in every piazza of Rome. Just ten minutes from the Rome Ciampino airport, the area of the Castelli Romani occupies an ancient, fertile volcanic area which has allowed since ancient times a flourishing agriculture. The former crater is occupied by two lakes, the Lake of Nemi and Lake Albano also called Lake of Castelgandolfo. The area is renowned for production of wines including the white wine of Frascati exported worldwide. There are many enchanting Catholic Churches in this area for Catholic Weddings and also many beautiful Civil Wedding Halls as the ones in Frascati, Monte Porzio Catone and in Ariccia situated in the famous Palace called Palazzo Chigi designed by theItalian architect Bernini. A Wedding in the Castelli Romani District will truly be a memorable one!


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Wine production in the Castelli Romani district is, without doubt, the most important in the Lazio (Latium) region, with 70% of the DOC wines of excellent quality due to the vulcanic nature of the soil of this area. In Frascati, the first to be given the DOC classification and is the wine acclaimed by the Romans and used by the Popes during the past centuries. The classic dry wine goes well at the traditional "Fraschetta" or "Osteria" with the heady and slightly sparkling "Cannellino". Genzano di Roma and Lanuvio are home to white wines with good body and a velvet taste. Marino and Frascati are found together throughout the history of the classic dry white wine. Montecompatri and Colonna wines are produced in the area of the ancient Labicum. This is a very pleasant dry wine that can be enjoyed throughout a meal.The "Velletri" wine, enjoyed not only by Popes Gregory VII and Boniface VIII, protected by Mount Artemisio and the Leprini Mountains, where the grapes mature in the gently sloping rows of vines, producing high grade white and red wine. Wines from the Castelli Romani area are exported world-wide. Gastronomy: Originally the cuisine of the Castelli Romani District was humble and simple but over time ingenuity and imagination have resulted in some of the most appetising dishes, thanks, most of all, to the genuineness of the products of the local farms. One of the most tasty starters is without doubts "polenta con le spuntature" (pork spare ribs with polenta), you can't miss the "pappardelle al sugo di lepre" (egg pasta with hare sauce), "ravioli ripieni di ricotta e spinaci" (riccotta cheese and spinach ravioli), "cannelloni", over baked cone shape lasagne stuffed with meat or ricotta cheese and spinach), "schiaffoni alla frascatana" (oven baked large shape rigatoni pasta with tomato and mozzarella cheese) and "gnocchi", (small potato dumplings with meat and tomato sauce) . The best-loved and favourite satrter is "fettuccine all'uovo" (egg fettuccine) cooked with tomato and meat sauce or with "Porcini" mushrooms. Among the meat dishes, "l'abbacchio al forno" (roast spring lamb) "pollo" (chicken) cooked in hundreds of ways, "involtini" (roulades), "saltimbocca" (veal and prosciutto ham cooked with sage), and "porchetta" (spit roasted pork from Ariccia), are the most important. There are many ice-cream parlours in all the area. Contact us fopr hints and tips on wine tasting and gastronomical tours in the Castelli Romani District.