Wedding in Civita Castellana

Civita Castellana, one of the biggest towns in the province of Viterbo, is very famous for its ceramics industry. It is located at about 32 km from the capital of province, at 145 metres above sea-level, on a tufaceous tableland , in the eastern side of the Monti Cimini.


The territory is rich in streams, the soil mostly tufaceous is rich in clay, that depending on the presence or lack of iron oxide, takes on very particular hues.
This clay, of very excellent quality , gave birth to a flourishing ceramic industry, whose origin probably dates back to the Etruscan age.
The town was rebuilt around the 8th century and 9th century on the area occupied by the Etruscan village of Falerii Veteres, destroyed by the Romans in 241 B.C.
In 998 Gregory V named Civita Castellana ÒcivitasÓ, later the territory was contended by two families, the Savelli and the Vico and later it was ruled by the Sforza who built there the fortress.


  • The fortress :  built at the end of 1400 on a pre-existent edifice, probably a small fortress. The building was ordered by Alessamndro Borgia for his son Cesare and was designed by Antonio Sangallo, the Elder.
  • The cathedral:   built in the 12th century and later modified in 1700. On its inside it is possible to admire a 15th century Font , a15th century Roman school canvas and a 14th century fresco.
  • The church of St. Francis:  a characteristic and beautiful church with the inside dating back to 1700. In the parochial house there are a tablet and a painting very well kept; the first is attributed to Sano di Pietro and the second to Antoniazzo Romano

Civita Castellana is a perfect location for a unique Wedding!