Wedding in Nettuno

Nettuno is a place for lovers who wish a relaxing and romantic wedding ceremony and a memorable reception, with fine food, plenty of wine, music and dancing  -  while staying just a short trip from Rome! Nettuno, meaning Neptune in Italian, is a pictureque seaside resort town on the Tyrrhenian Sea near Rome founded by the Saracens in the ninth century. The famous sculpture Borghese Gladiator was discovered in Nettuno and is now one of the main attractions in the Louvre Museum in Paris.


The beautiful medieval hamlet (Borgo Medievale) of Nettuno can be found perched on a sheer drop over the sea and is a popular tourist destination today, with mediaeval streets, small piazzas and the Sangallo Fort on the sea, a castle Castle built in 1503. The medieval hamlet  is currently the heart of the city’s night life, where the majority of restaurants, pubs and clubs can be found.

The privately-owned Castle Borghese (Castello Borghese)  at Nettuno, built in 1648 is a wonderful Wedding Reception venue where also Civil Wedding Ceremonies are performed on the Castle’s grounds. The touristic port of Nettuno has 800 berths, 14 landing wharfs and 3000 meters of jetties and is one of the main touristic ports of the  Tyrrhenian sea near Rome.

Whichever town of Lazio region you decide upon for your Italian Wedding day, you can be assured that Nettuno will not disappoint and be an excellent choice and   close to Rome.