Wedding in Viterbo

The provincial capital of Viterbo is situated at the foot of the Monti Cimini in the Lazio region, 80km northwest of Rome.
Noted in the past as the "city of beautiful women and beautiful fountains", it still preserves its old Longobard walls, fine historic buildings. This is a place rich in history with archaeological museums, churches, and Etruscan sites. It is also known for its gold reserves, natural baths and thermal springs.


The two beautiful volcanic lakes of Lake Bolsena and Lake Vico are nearby. The town was presented to the Pope by Pepin the Short in the VIII century.
At the end of the XI century, it became a free city, but in 1396 was again incorporated to the States of the Church.

The area is also known as Tuscia, and lies within the loosely-defined area of Etruria, which spreads through Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany, once the heartlands of the ancient Etruscan civilisation.

There are so many sights and events to choose from here that your wedding trip is sure to be a rich and interesting experience!