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Guty & Simone duo has been working together for more than 15 years in wedding events throughout Italy and abroad. Live music is their job and they ensure reliability and professionalism combined with a long line of experience – not to mention their repertoire with beautiful songs of Italian and international music.
They are both guitarists and singers. They are well known in Italy and appreciated in Ireland, England, USA and in many other countries. They both speak English and are able to examine every aspect of the event by email and they treat every wedding booking with the care and attention it deserves.

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The extraordinary mix of skill and state-of-the-art audio system, creates an amazing and true full band sound, plus a real live music show.
They both sing and play electric guitars live and create their backing tracks in their own recording studio;
Guty & Simone are not only better than most 4 or 5 man bands, but are also more flexible and compact.
They appeal to all ages since they can perform almost every kind of genre from international classic tracks of the last 50 years to some of most recent chart music.
They also provide at no extra cost:

the possibility to choose your favourite songs from the current song list they'll send you by email;
the possibility to learn and perform live one extra-song which is not included in the current song list (for example the first dance);
an efficient/low consumption LED light system;
a second PA-mixer + wireless mic for background music and speeches;
the possibility to plug in your ipod/ipad or any other audio device;
a selection of dance music in between the live sets to keep the party in full swing;
the possibility of Dj set during the after lunch or after dinner.

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