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Lake District
Le Marche
Abruzzi & Molise
Firuli Venezia Giulia

DJ Frankie Vee and DJ Peter Ljungberg are proud to present Italy DJ Brothers. We provide our Customers with the ultimate Disco experience.. We have packages to suit all requirements along with additional sound or disco lighting packages to tailor your needs, ranging from a smaller function venue to a larger castle or hotel, whether it is for your Wedding, 18th Birthday, Anniversary or Corporate Event: can ensure a bespoke package for your event with DJ equipment and lights of the highest quality. We have experience to fulfill requirements also by foreign audiences (UK, US, Ireland, Australia, Canada) as we have performed at many weddings celebrated by foreign couples in Italy.  For more information visit www.italydjbrothers.com

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We are not a DJ agency: we are a two  professional DJs who work together. If we are not available for your event we will not outsource our work to unknown DJs.
We offer all our Customers the chance to create their own playlist for their event. We believe as it’s your party, you should dance to the music and songs you like best! We will also take requests on the night but it is nice to know all your favourite songs will be played during the evening.
You may wish to provide a list with just a few favourite songs you would like to hear or you may want to create a playlist to cover the whole night, it’s entirely up to you! 
If you have booked an event with Italy DJ Brothers, you can send your playlist either on an email or as a document attachment to italydjbrothers@gmail.com  Please make sure you send your playlists over at least 15 days before your event to ensure your DJ has all your favourite tunes!
How do I get a quote?
Just simply fill in the contact us by completing the request form or  send us an email to italydjbrothers@gmail.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours,   remember to include your contact details and the night you would like a quote for. We will then give you a quotation and answers to any other questions.  
How do I Book?
If you want to book,  just reply to us via e-mail  . We will then send you a booking confirmation through.
What music will you play?
Whatever you request, we will endeavor to play. We will send out a music survey when you book so we may be able to complete the whole event as you wish. You can also tell us what you don’t want to be played !
I want specific songs playing, can you get them?
As long as you give us enough warning, we should be able to find them.
How do you mix the music?
Mixing is a pretty basic skill for professional DJs, we mix music with the purpose of creating seamless transitions between songs maintaining the energy on the dance floor.
What is included in the cost of my event?
Performance time, setup time, breakdown time, travel taxes, and ALL equipment (including additional sound systems, wireless microphones, lights and subwoofer) for weddings up to 150 guests. For weddings over 150 guests, a custom quote may be necessary as well as an assistant for the setup.
How do you dress for an event?
A formal black dark suit with appropriate accessories. If or other attire would be more appropriate for your event, simply  please let us know your preferences.
Can you help/orchestrate with  the ceremony and welcome cocktail music?
Yes we can. We  usually  bring a separate sound system for the ceremony, and welcome cocktail music .
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